UCSD Pre-Medical APAMSA presents:

Into the Light

“Addressing Mental Health Issues and Stigma in APA Communities”

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Pre-Medical Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association at UC San Diego is a nonprofit undergraduate organization under the national Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association. Founded by the School of Medicine APAMSA chapter, Pre-Medical APAMSA is an undergraduate organization with two primary objectives. The first of which is to address and raise awareness of medical disparities in underserved communities, and in particular, the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community. Our second primary objective is to further enrich the education of any student considering a path into medicine, whether as a researcher or a clinician though programs, activities and education.



Dr. Dhakshin Ramanathan

Dr. Ramanathan is a clinician-scientist in the Department of Psychiatry at UC San Diego. He is an alumni of UC San Diego, where he received a combined MD and PhD degrees. After this, he pursued extended training in psychiatry and neuroscience research at the University of California, San Francisco. He has been actively involved in both basic and translational neuroscience research for the past 18 years. He moved back to UC San Diego 2 years ago to begin a lab focused on developing novel, non-pharmacologic methods to treat psychiatric disorders. He continues to practice psychiatry at the San Diego VA Medical Center, where he focuses on brain-stimulation for the treatment of refractory psychiatric disorders. He has long taken an interest in cultural aspects of psychiatry and mental health, and has received dedicated training on several cultural-focused psychiatric units, including one Asian-focused unit.


Dr. Daniel Lee

Dr. Daniel Lee is one of several physicians working at the Owen Clinic, providing specialized health care to those infected with HIV. Along with his board certification in Internal Medicine, the American Academy of HIV Medicine also credentials Dr. Lee as a HIV specialist. He established the Lipid/ Lipodystrophy Clinic to address the issues of long term metabolic complications often associated with therapies for HIV. In addition, he also performs research in these areas.

Dr. Lee's philosophy in providing quality, compassionate care to those affected by HIV includes building a strong rapport with patients and furnishing them with information that will assist them with decision-making. He has been providing quality care to patients for over 15 years and is dedicated to continue his mission through clinical care, research and educating medical students and residents.

Dr. Jyoti Mishra

Dr. Mishra is an Assistant Professor in the department of Psychiatry at UC San Diego. She founded the Neural Engineering and Translational Labs (neatlabs.ucsd.edu) and directs its human research. She is trained in the cognitive and computational neurosciences and translates this understanding towards improving mental health diagnostics and therapeutics. Dr. Mishra is of Indian origin. She came to the United States for graduate studies in the basic neurosciences at UC San Diego. Her journey then took her to San Francisco, where she simultaneously held both private industry and academic appointments. Over the last decade, she has contributed to several innovations in digital mental health. She has further applied these solutions to global mental health projects back home in India to serve children and youth with mental illness. Her dual passion for engineering affordable and scalable neurotechnologies, as well as rigorously demonstrating their application to mental illness in both local and global communities, led her to launch NEAT Labs. Dr. Mishra will present on ‘Personalizing Your Mental Health’

Dr. Luz Chung

Luz Chung was born and raised in Ecuador, and received her B.A. in Applied Mathematics, and her Ed.D. in Teaching and Learning from the University of California, San Diego. She holds Single Subject credentials in Math and Spanish and a Bilingual, Crosscultural, Language and Academic Development Certificate (BCLAD). Prior to joining the Department of Education Studies (EDS) at UCSD, Dr. Chung was a middle school bilingual teacher in Logan Heights, and also directed teacher professional development programs for UCSD Extension. Dr. Chung’s areas of interest are critical pedagogy, multicultural and multilingual education, and service-learning. Dr. Chung teaches undergraduate foundation courses as part of the EDS minor, as well as M.Ed. courses. Dr. Chung has been the recipient of various teaching awards including the Barbara and Paul Saltman Distinguished Teaching Award and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Distinguished Teaching Award, both from the University of California, San Diego. Her presentation will focus on addressing microaggressions to promote equitable and inclusive practices.

Dr. Manvi Singh

Manvi Singh, RYT-500, MA (2017) is an innovative yoga instructor and writer who teaches yoga as an alternative/complementary approach to mental health throughout San Diego. She has taught patients and staff at the UCSD Medical Center Psychiatric Inpatient Facility, San Diego County nurses, and South Asian American youth and families in her community. She is currently writing a memoir about overcoming severe depression through yoga.


MET Building
UCSD School of Medicine
9500 Gilman Dr
La Jolla, CA


Registration & Breakfast

Welcome Remarks Pre-Medical APAMSA Board

Keynote Presentation Dr. Dhakshin Ramanathan

Workshop A: Personalizing Your Mental Health
Dr. Jyoti Mishra

Workshop B: Navigating power, privilege, and microaggressions: Fostering safe, equitable and inclusive communities of practice
Dr. Luz Chung

Lunch and Networking

Workshop A: Reducing Stress with Kelee Meditation in Only 5 Minutes Twice Daily
Dr. Daniel Lee

Workshop B: A Whole Body, Whole Person Approach to Depression Management
Dr. Manvi Singh

Closing Remarks Dr. Elaine Tanaka

End of Conference


Faculty Adviser

Dr. Elaine Tanaka

Department of Surgery
VA Hospital, UCSD


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